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Buggzy Hoffa talks “Fire Hose” single being successful, getting on the radio, BDM label and mixtape, and more | HHV On The Rise


Buggzy Hoffa talks “Fire Hose” single being successful, getting on the radio, BDM label and mixtape, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

Currently, Buggzy Hoffa is taking over the internet, with his music. In particular, he has his “Fire Hose” single, which is doing very strong numbers, at the moment. That song is helping him, and his entire movement, get to where it needs to be.

A part of a much bigger and ongoing trend, Buggzy Hoffa has been making all of his moves on his own. Dealing with a team which built itself, Buggzy’s team is entirely independent. This means that everything is run through, and decided, by them.

Recently, Buggzy Hoffa allowed HIP-HOPVIBE.COM to speak to him for an “On The Rise” interview. The buzzing rapper spoke on “Fire Hose,” giving the story of its success. He also discussed the grind it took to get the song on the radio and all that goes into having a successful, independent, team.

Read the entire interview below:

You are on fire right now with this “Fire Hose” record, talk about the birth of the record and how it all came together? Me and 2CanNn/CaNn CaNn where hard pressed to find a nice lyrical fire safety tutorial, so we decided to create one. No, haha, we were honestly backlogged with a ton of production, and I had some gems tucked away by the homie, Dakiddlegacy. We started to just goof off, laying down a bunch of hooks for future use. We pretty much landed and caught a fun vibe with “Fire Hose.”

You got the record on the radio, a dope video, it doing great in the streets and the DJ pool, it’s all independent, too. Can you talk about the daily grind as a indie artist where now you have to make it happen yourself before any big wigs take interest? I get a little anxious with the daily grind. I find it more research than anything. Each day, I’m learning something more about the digital game, and various ways of pushing of the record through the internet. We aren’t analog anymore, everyone is using their phones and devices, so each day I try to get the music we create to reach as many devices as possible. I’m from the street team era, where things were a lot more in your face and live, so if you had to find someone you went out to those events and pushed.

Can you talk about what it was like filming and making “Fire Hose” a hot production? We shot “Fire Hose” on a tight timeline, about 12 hours, and I had a flight to catch the next day. Big shout out to Proptv for really making it happen on breakneck schedule. It took two night shifts, it was lots of fun. The talent was very friendly we worked it like a breeze.

Now you have the label I believe Black Diamond Mafia, talk about that to the fans real quick and give us the vision for 2020 with BDM? At the moment at BDM we have a complete project dished out that we are looking to release. Also in the works a mixtape we are working on with DJ Don Demarco to hit the streets before we drop the BDM project. Jai-Ho recently dropped another EP, Pure Gold, on Valentines Day. Be sure to check that out.

Trill Cosby may be taking point on the next release ” Head Bussa,” which is a collaborative with myself CaNn CaNn , Jai-Ho,and Mr Tony Blu.

With Black Diamond Mafia do you all plan on partnering with a major for a possible JV or want to stay indie or whatever makes sense? Anything is possible, we are taking everything day by day. Nothing ideally is set in stone. I aim to find what’s best for the team and we all vote on everything.

I was listening to the record “SuperFly” with you and Jai-Ho TheGoldenChil, I see BDM got that moving too, talk about this collab with Jai-Ho? First, out shout out to Vnotes on the production. In the same vibe as “Fire Hose,” me and Jai-Ho sat down with this huge backlog of production old and new and vibes on a few records. we initially had separate idea’s for Superfly.

Even though the ideas were separate, they were close in the same vein. Jai-Ho took point, I helped reconstruct the record, adding bridges and flipping around the areas for verses and chorus and bam we had a nice flow going.
We aimed strong for a nice two step summer vibe and we got it.

Every artist has dream collaborations, who are some artists you love to work with, don’t matter the genre either? Jay Electronica and Sade top my list. As an artist and entertainer, you should always strive to push yourself in different direction to finds greater strength and weakness. I like to escape my comfort zones and learn to stretch my creative legs.

You have a empire growing and heating up as an artist, any advice to any up and coming artist and execs? Stay consistent , don’t worry about failing, don’t worry about being the best. Just continue to do what you feel is right. No one is going to have the same vision you do. Trust yourself keep pushing.

How can fans reach you, and what’s next? Buggzyhoffa IG/Twitter/ Facebook, Blkdiamondmafia (IG). Canntaski1 (IG). Look out for that BDM mixtape in the works. Jai-Ho’s Gold Standards out now on all platforms. “She Ain’t,” with Tony Mr. Tony Blu and Real Freakie streaming now as well!

Watch “Fire Hose” by Buggzy Hoffa ft. CaNn CaNn below:

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