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Yung Miami Shuts Down JT Pregnancy Rumors – “Y’all Aggravating AF With That”

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Yung Miami Shuts Down JT Pregnancy Rumors – “Y’all Aggravating AF With That”

Last month, City Girls rapper, JT, was involved in pregnancy rumors, on social media. That came after she was seen wearing a morning sickness band, on her wrist. The Miami native denied those rumors, and shrugged off wearing the morning sickness band. The pregnancy rumors also started after JT put an emoji over her stomach, possibly to hint at a pregnancy.

“B*tch can’t even use emojis no more! I let y’all rock cause on some serious sh*t if I was pregnant what y’all gone do?” Nothing! As a women half y’all hoes need to go educate y’all self nausea not only caused by pregnancy! & the way I control me nausea shouldn’t be y’all business. Females & n*ggas who don’t have a p*ssy really lost they marbles I was like okay once they see no stomach they’ll stop but now y’all just getting weirder. [And] weirder y’all blogs & y’all b*tches LEAVE ME ALONE.”

Now, JT’s other City Girls member, Yung Miami, is also denying the pregnancy rumors for her. A fan recently commented under an Instagram post of the two, saying how JT is pregnant. Miami swiftly ended that speculation, by aggressively saying:

“No she not! Y’all aggravating AF with that. She’s not pregnant!”

Currently, JT is dating Lil Uzi Vert, as they’ve been a couple over the past year. Uzi has yet to speak on these pregnancy rumors, and doesn’t seem like he will do so, anytime soon.


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