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Yung Berg releases “Chicago Redemption” mixtape, hosted by DJ Moondawg

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Yung Berg releases “Chicago Redemption” mixtape, hosted by DJ Moondawg

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Chicago invaded hip hop for consecutive years in the mid-2000s, beginning with the emergence of Kanye West. The emergence of Kanye West as a rapper had an immediate impact on Chicago’s hip hop scene, as Twista and Common had successful comebacks through West. Other Chicago artists, such as Lupe Fiasco, were introduced through Kanye West.

During this period of growth, Yung Berg impacted the game with his infectious hits, first with 2007’s “Sexy Ladies” and then “Sexy Can I” with Ray J. Yung Berg fell out of the public eye following his second hit. Despite being out of the public eye, Yung Berg remained relevant, as he produced many hits. Now, Yung Berg is preparing his comeback, alongside DJ Moondawg.

With Chicago enjoying new life, through second comebacks from Twista and Common, along with Kanye West’s comeback, and the emergence of Chief Keef, the timing is right for Yung Berg. Earlier tonight, Berg released his new project, properly titled Chicago Redemption. The new mixtape is hosted by DJ Moondawg, who has risen in popularity in recent months, following years of hard work. Yung Berg and DJ Moondawg have both been instrumental in keeping the hip hop scene in Chicago relevant and are now playing a major part in the Chicago Redemption.

Download Chicago Redemption by Yung Berg below:
[Chicago Redemption Download]

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