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Yelawolf releases “Love Story” album track listing [PHOTO]

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Yelawolf releases “Love Story” album track listing [PHOTO]

Yelawolf 3By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few years ago, Yelawolf had some of the hottest mixtapes out and the whole world was paying attention to him. Interesting fact was Yelawolf sounded just like a Southern Eminem. However, their styles were completely different.

Eminem, ironically, caught wind of Yelawolf and wasted no time signing him to Shady Records. Before the end of the next calendar year, Yelawolf released his debut album and dominated the BET cyphers. Since 2011, however, Yelawolf has kept a low profile.

Since at least 2014, Yelawolf kept busy working on Love Story, his sophomore album. His new album, Love Story is right around the corner and fans are getting restless. To pacify them, Yelawolf unleashed the track listing for the album last night on his Instagram and there is only one guest appearance, Eminem.

See Yelawolf’s Instagram photo below:

Love Story track listing

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