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Wiz Khalifa reveals 25 things about himself to US Weekly

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Wiz Khalifa reveals 25 things about himself to US Weekly

Wiz Khalifa 14By Zack Page
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has had several redefining periods, caused by various situations. Recent years have seen the 1996-1997 period and the 2010-2011 period be times of great change for the culture. The latter of those periods saw Wiz Khalifa and a great deal of other artists emerge.

Quickly, Wiz Khalifa established himself as one of hip hop’s biggest names. He also had the benefit of dating Amber Rose, who was best-known for her previous relationship with Kanye West. The couple got plenty of press, but their love survived all and then they became husband and wife with a child.

Wiz Khalifa endeared himself to the general public, as a devoted father and husband. Still, he is a free spirit and this is what attracted most of his fan base. He recently talked to US Weekly and they had him reveal twenty-five things about himself.

Read 25 things about Wiz Khalifa below:

1. I’m 6-foot-2.

2. I like apple juice. A lot.

3. As a kid, I always needed to have my ears rubbed to fall asleep.

4. I don’t eat pork.

5. I only smoke “KK” (Khalifa Kush).

6. I like to get people really high.

7. I’m right-handed, but I can do things with my left hand.

8. I take my left shoe off whenever I’m in the zone in the studio.

9. I’m very in touch with my sixth sense.

10. I need breakfast to start the day.

11. I am very athletic and have been known to dunk a basketball.

12. I’m a technology geek and have every new electronic device.

13. I need music to wake up.

14. I’m afraid of spiders.

15. I don’t like sweets.

16. I can play pool very well.

17. I like candles and incense in the studio when I’m recording.

18. I’m a really goofy skateboarder.

19. I have to use the bathroom before I go onstage.

20. I love to read.

21. I prefer to have other people around me rather than be alone.

22. I am constantly looking in the mirror.

23. I love to custom distress my clothes.

24. I drink a lot of coffee.

25. I prefer earbuds over headphones.

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