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Whitney Houston’s cause of Death revealed, Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

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Whitney Houston’s cause of Death revealed, Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

By The Hip Hop Writer
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During this time of year, all the genres of music unite to celebrate the efforts made over the previous year. As the world gets hectic, at times, especially in an election year, the world finds solace in the entertainment world. Because of this, the Grammy Awards are among the most-celebrated ceremonies of the year. This was not the case this year, as the 54th Annual Grammy Awards were filled with grief, as the ceremony took place hours after Whitney Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Whitney Houston, at the peak of her career, dominated the Grammy Awards. Throughout her career, she won several Grammy Awards and posted several hit records. Her legacy is regarded by many, nearly as big as that of Michael Jackson. Even before his 2009 untimely death, he was anointed the King of Pop. In the wake of her death, Whitney Houston has been crowned the Queen of Pop. The legacy of Whitney Houston cast a shadow over last night’s festivities, as her family and friends were still grieving.

With her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, coming out of the hospital, the cause of Whitney Houston’s death has been revealed. Initial reports surrounding Whitney Houston’s death said she drowned in the bathtub of the hotel room. Sources close to Whitney Houston immediately denied those rumors. Now, TMZ is reporting Whitney Houston died from taking prescription drugs and alcohol. Whitney Houston was said to have used a combination of Xanax, along with other prescription drugs, washing them down with alcohol.

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