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Wendy Williams speaks out against rumors that she’s transgender

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Wendy Williams speaks out against rumors that she’s transgender

Wendy Williams 2By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Because of her appearance and stature, there have often been rumors about Wendy Williams’ true gender. Recently, Wendy Williams has come under more scrutiny than usual about her gender. Despite having children and being married, Wendy Williams still faced rumors that she was once a man.

Being a popular media personality means facing a lot of scrutiny. But, being a human being means that some words can hurt and anytime someone questions a person’s sexuality and gender, it hurts. However, because of position, most people make the decision to ignore hit.

Wendy Williams did so until she could no more and today, she finally spoke out against the rumors. At a recent comedy show in Las Vegas, Wendy Williams put her response into her routine. She acknowledged that she faces a lot of rumors because of her style, but she is 100% woman and she is a strong one.

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