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Wale talks Kid Cudi and Rick Ross’ health

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Wale talks Kid Cudi and Rick Ross’ health

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With his album, Ambition, coming soon, Wale has been all over the news. But, to be fair, Wale has been in the news ever since he confirmed his deal with Maybach Music. Rick Ross boasted about probably signing Wale. Then, three months later, Wale signed to his label.

During this period of time, Wale was feuding with Kid Cudi. The two rappers had actually been good friends. But, following the release of their respective debut albums, a beef emerged. Recently, the two ended their feud and reunited. Their reunion was official when they collaborated on their upcoming albums.

Wale recently broke his silence on his Kid Cudi collaboration. The song is called “Focused” and it was released last week. Wale said that track is simply a celebration of their success. Not only is it a celebration of their success, but also a celebration of their renewed friendship. Wale said he has managed to maintain his style since signing to Maybach Music.

Speaking of Maybach Music, everyone immediately wanted to discuss Rick Ross. This past weekend was very rough on the boss. Rick Ross suffered from two seizures this weekend, but Wale said he is doing 100% better.

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