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Tsu Surf fights Hitman Holla on the street? [VIDEO]

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Tsu Surf fights Hitman Holla on the street? [VIDEO]

Tsu Surf 4By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Definitely a powerhouse on the battle rap scene, Tsu Surf is beginning to establish himself as a mainstream artist. But, Tsu Surf has definitely has some big battles under his belt. Among the rivals Tsu Surf has when he is on the battling front is fellow emcee, Hitman Holla.

These two both have classic battles under their belt and they are both fond of trash talking. This is the nature of the battle rap scene and Hitman Holla is one of the biggest names out there. When Tsu Surf and Hitman Holla met, a fan made sure the whole world saw it.

Footage hit Instagram, uploaded by a fan who saw them, of Tsu Surf and Hitman Holla battling, literally, on the street. The fight was physical and the video showed them exchanging hands with each other. Tsu Surf and Hitman Holla were going at it, tit-for-tat.

Watch the Instagram video below:


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