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“Trust No One” short film, starring Trel Mack, will air on Hip Hop Vibe this Monday

TrelmacktrustnoonevidBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not only is Trel Mack a popular rising artist, he is an all-around businessman. As SKE Records head, Q The Question, often says, he is the Jay Z to his Dame Dash, the B.I.G. to his Puff. Among the ventures that Trel Mack and Q The Question have are films.

Trel Mack created a unique way to keep his buzz going following the release of his last project. He took the single, “Trust No One,” and turned it into a short film. Executive produced by Q The Question, it was directed by Trel Mack and Shawn Archer.

Recently, Trel Mack revealed “Trust No One” will soon be turned into a web series. Ahead of the new show, “Trust No One” will re-air right here on Hip Hop Vibe this Monday as an HHV Original. The short film stars the SKE Records crew.

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