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Troy Ave releases “BSB, Vol. 5” track listing on Instagram [PHOTO]

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Troy Ave releases “BSB, Vol. 5” track listing on Instagram [PHOTO]

Troy Ave 11By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The reason Troy Ave is hot right now is because he put in the work on the mixtape level. While establishing himself on the mainstream level, Troy Ave is putting his crew, BSB, on. Just last year, Troy Ave released the first BSB mixtape and now they are on to the fifth edition.

Troy Ave has worked hard and now he has the attention of all of hip hop’s biggest moguls. All of them have offered deals to Troy Ave that he has turned down in favor of staying independent. Even when Troy Ave signs his deal, he intends to remain independent.

But, Troy Ave is back with the BSB, Vol. 5 mixtape in the near future. With the new mixtape coming up, Troy Ave leaked the track listing to his followers on Instagram, only a few minutes ago. These fans got to see a sneak peek of what Troy Ave has coming up.

See the BSB, Vol. 5 track listing below:


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