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Trel Mack hits the club scene heavy during the month of November

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Trel Mack hits the club scene heavy during the month of November

Trel Mack 9By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since his 2012 return, Trel Mack has remained a central presence in the game as a rising artists. Coming into the industry, it’s important for artists to have a plan and few have come as organized as Trel Mack did. At a time when artists drop music on the internet for the heck of it, Trel Mack has a full-fledged record label in SKE Records.

Trel Mack made a strong presence on the internet when he was promoting Inspired by Greatness, his comeback EP. Since then, Trel Mack has begun work on Night Before the Dawn, which is coming up soon. His new project has a lot of people tuned in, both online and in the streets.

All across the board, things are picking up for Trel Mack and he is getting booked for a great number of shows. Harlem called upon Trel Mack to perform at Camaradas El Barrio on November 9. After this, Trel Mack performs several shows in his hometown of Philadelphia, throughout the month.

See Trel Mack’s show dates below:

Nov. 9th in Harlem, NYC

Camaradas El Barrio

Nov 19th

at Mill Creek Tavern in Philly

Nov 25th

Voltage Lounge in Philly

December 4th

The Fire in Philly

December 14th

The Fire in Philly

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