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Torch receives major co-sign from Google [PHOTO]

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Torch receives major co-sign from Google [PHOTO]

TorchBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Maybach Music’s organization is something to be admired, because they have dope artists coming from every major city. From day one, they had New York City covered with Torch, who has known Rick Ross from the beginning. Last year, Torch told Hip Hop Vibe he spent some time in Miami during his teenage years, meeting Rick Ross there.

Torch is one of the toughest street rappers in the game and he is respected by all. After the whole “Control” situation, Torch’s take on the king of New York battle became a topic of discussion. He later did another interview with Hip Hop Vibe, talking to DJ Louie Styles, and explained his take on the situation, no more monarchy.

This morning, Torch decided to do something just for Instagram. He searched Google Maps to find someone who is realer than him. Coming as no surprise, there is no one out who is realer than Torch, which is something he figured would give his whole fan base a good laugh.

See Torch’s Instagram photo below:


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