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The Best Is Yet To Come For Krishi


The Best Is Yet To Come For Krishi

California artist Krishi is making waves in the music industry by sharing his life story. Less time with friends during the pandemic has meant more time to write and study contemporary music trends for the independent artist. Inspired by experiences, Krishi’s single Town sheds light on a love interest during the lockdown. Krishi goes on to say

“Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I write about how life is going, how it’s been, how I want it to end. Whatever goes through my head ends up on paper.”

A huge accomplishment of Krishi’s is after he recorded his first track “I recorded and released my first track on SoundCloud which ended up exceeding 50k streams in about a week without much marketing done to it. There were also a lot of people who were wishing me the best through my Instagram’s dm’s which motivates me to keep going.”

With the much success of his career, this is just the beginning! Krishi is currently working on an upcoming EP called “Through The Fire & Flames “which is set to release in mid-November. This is going to be his best work yet so stay tuned!

Instagram: Krishi.otw

YouTube: Krishi

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