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“The Anchor Show” extended to Two Hours

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“The Anchor Show” extended to Two Hours

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last fall, “The Anchor Show” moved to the 6:00 pm timeslot. While the move was great for exposure, moving from the late-night timeslot, the show went from being two hours to one. The quality of “The Anchor Show” has not been compromised, however, as the show still features some of the most-exclusive music out there.

The previous episode of “The Anchor Show” was extended from one hour to two. Now, every episode of “The Anchor Show” will last for two hours. V!RTU, the host of the show, has kept the show about the overlooked hip hop artists. Providing exposure to these artists has led to an increased popularity.

With an extra hour, V!RTU has more time to add songs from various artists who are keeping the artform alive. “The Anchor Show” broadcasts every Saturday evening at 6:oo pm and each episode is also available on Hip Hop Vibe immediately after the radio broadcast ends.

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