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T.I. reverts back to original stage name, TIP

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T.I. reverts back to original stage name, TIP

T.I. 6By Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During the early stages of his career, T.I. was known as TIP and was always referred to as such. When he signed his first major label deal, however, T.I. joined Arista Records. With the label already home to the legendary Q-Tip, TIP changed his name to T.I. to avoid confusion.

It would be under the T.I. moniker that he went on to gain international fame and platinum success. The past few years have been met with obvious struggle for T.I. As an older artist, T.I. had a tough time adjusting, plus he had his setbacks with his prison stints.

Last night, T.I. released¬†Da’ Nic, his surprise EP, which was met with much fanfare. Serving as the prequel to his new album, T.I. included one major announcement some may have missed. This project was released under the TIP name, showing him reverting to his old name.

Source: Hip Hop-N-More

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