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T.I. reveals “Trouble Man” sequel with Rap-Up [VIDEO]

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T.I. reveals “Trouble Man” sequel with Rap-Up [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer 

For some time, fans have waited on an official comeback album from T.I. Finally free of his legal woes, T.I. has been testing the waters. Last year, T.I. made his rounds, appearing on records with Meek Mill, among others. Now, T.I. is finally preparing to release his long-awaited comeback album, Trouble Man.

Releasing “Go Get It” and “Ball,” with Lil Wayne, among other hit singles, T.I. is back in the game, filling a much-missed void. Before he released Trouble Man, T.I. released his second novel in as many years. Apparently planning yearly novels, T.I. is also planning to get back on his grind with yearly albums. recently sat T.I. down and they discussed Trouble Man. The official title of the new album is Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head. With Heavy is the Head due next week, T.I. is already working on the follow-up. Turning Trouble Man into a series, T.I. revealed his follow-up to next week’s release will be called He Who Wears the Crown.

Watch the entire interview below:

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