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T.I. – “Countdown to “Trouble Man” episode 3 [VIDEO]

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T.I. – “Countdown to “Trouble Man” episode 3 [VIDEO]

T.I. 13By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

New music from T.I. has been coming for well over a year. Released from prison late in 2011, T.I. hit the ground running. Both he and B.o.B. returned with new mixtapes, before making plans for 2012. B.o.B. released his Strange Clouds album during the spring of 2012 with T.I. holding off.

Initially, T.I. planned to release Trouble Man during the first half of 2012. However, he decided to delay the album. Iggy Azalea later revealed T.I. held off on his album because he was searching for the “right single.” T.I. delayed Trouble Man for as long as he could and now has plans of releasing it tomorrow.

With the new album on the way, T.I. has his own promotion established. Earlier this year, Rick Ross released visuals to promote his new projects. Wiz Khalifa has released clips breaking down each song off his album. Now, there is T.I. who is releasing webisodes for his album, each one dedicated to another song. Today is “Hello.”

Watch the entire video below:

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