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Star Brim, and Cardi B’s entire Bloods gang, 59 Brim, gets arrested for racketeering, but Star Brim will remain free until she gives birth to her baby

By Bossyy
Hip-HopVibe.com Staff Writer

Through her career, Cardi B has often mentioned her gang ties. She has cited her moving into the world of stripping as her getting away from that life. However, she made a lifelong friend, in Star Brim, during that span of time.

While Cardi B would go onto have reality TV success, which was followed by major success in music, Star Brim didn’t elevate past the strip club scene. In 2018, Star Brim was arrested, spending time in prison. Last year, she was released from prison, welcomed back big.

Star Brim is pregnant and Cardi B was right by her side, at the baby shower. Unfortunately, Star Brim, and Cardi B’s entire gang, 59 Brim, was arrested, brought up on racketeering charges. In the case of Star, she will not have to turn herself into police custody until she gives birth to her baby.

Source: NBC New York

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