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Speedville Nardy is Moving Up Quickly!

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Speedville Nardy is Moving Up Quickly!

Growing up in the Pacesetta Projects in Chicago, Illinois, Darell Shelz had to overcome a lot of obstacles to become the strong, Speedville Nardy he is today. After the murder of his cousin, he decided to put his whole heart into his music, despite not having anyone there to support him. Since then, he’s been creating not only a new life for himself, but a legacy for generations to come. At 20 years old, Darell became known by his artist name, Speedville Nardy, and he started making Hip-Hop music. He dropped his debut project, “Strixtly 4 My Hittaz” in 2012, and later, he released back-to-back projects called “Chiraqian” and “Mail Season”. Many projects and music videos later, Nardy created his own label, Pack Money, to support his craft and share his talents with others. Speedville Nardy is not one to give up because of tough circumstances, and he is definitely an artist to keep your eye on! Learn more about Speedville Nardy below!

Who is your target audience and why?

I make music for the Thoroughbred, the optimistic, the everyday struggle of poverty! I have no necessary target just want to uplift and bring joy! Spread as much Love Truth Freedom. Peaxe and Justice as bestowed upon possible!

What separates you from your competition?

Honestly, I’m only in competition with myself! I’m One of One Never could there be I’m something the energy forces and powers at be mustered! I’m honestly the most down to earth never had anything LITERALLY type of person! I see what people could REALLY BECOME and I embrace and feed that energy-efficiently!

Who have you worked with & who would you like to work with next?

I worked with really just the gang you know my cousin Petey Blanko, 24Lefteye From Atlanta,

Hollorunitback Best Producer coming out of Houston right now, I did a hook for Too Short as well from Oakland he a Real Legend!

Describe your Style of Music, and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I describe my music as BraveHeart Musik! And God willing, I see myself with my children disappearing from the Rural Monetary Systematic World!!

Instagram: Speedyville728

YouTube: Speedyville Nardy


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