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Snoop Dogg enters the Cigar Business

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Snoop Dogg enters the Cigar Business

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

What comes with being in the game so long is an evolution in style. Snoop Dogg entered the game in 1992, as a member of Death Row Records. The creative force behind the Death Row label was Dr. Dre. At the time, Dr. Dre was angry with Eazy-E and Ruthless Records, so many of the early Death Row hits were diss records aimed at Dr. Dre’s former partners.

Snoop Dogg, as an early Death Row member, performed on several Eazy-E diss records and was one of the original gangsta rappers. While the early years of Death Row Records were filled with success, the run ended in bloodshed. Upon leaving Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg altered his style to fit with Master P’s No Limit Records.

Throughout his career, Snoop Dogg went through several changes, but one thing remained the same. Regardless of the phase Snoop Dogg went through, he was a smoker. Primarily, Snoop Dogg is known for smoking marijuana, but he also smokes cigars in many of his music videos. Earlier today, Snoop Dogg announced he would be entering the cigar business, fitting for the rapper/mogul. The new cigar is called Executive Branch and will be unveiled at Coachella 2012.

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