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Slim the Mobster speaks on Gang Life and Hip Hop

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Slim the Mobster speaks on Gang Life and Hip Hop

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Growing up in Southern California, Slim the Mobster grew up around gang violence. Many rappers from the West Coast have rapped about this lifestyle. As hip hop has expanded into other areas, so has gang violence. Initially, such hardcore raps, known as “gangsta rap,” were not popular among the mainstream. However, since Game’s embrace of the Bloods gang and Lil Wayne’s Blood affiliation, several rappers openly represent and rap about gang-banging.

Among the rappers from the “New West,” Slim the Mobster is far from impressed. Slim the Mobster does not like rappers shouting out their gang affiliation over their songs. Growing up, Slim the Mobster said he was really in a gang. During this time, Slim the Mobster said he was doing the things required to be a gang member. However, when he got older, Slim the Mobster began focusing on his music and the overall business, so he laughs when he is asked about gang affiliation.

Slim the Mobster feels rappers talking about gang affiliation is the “corniest shit ever” and he does not like how it influences the children. The Aftermath-affiliated rapper said he does not like hearing children saying “soo woop” when they have no idea what it means. Slim said in prison, a person would get beaten for saying this, but in the streets there is no problem, especially when rappers are paying gangsters off to represent their gang. But, when Slim the Mobster was coming through, he said things were not like that.

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