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Roskilde Festival, in Denmark, Cancels Festival For Second Straight Year, Due To COVID-19 Concerns

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Roskilde Festival, in Denmark, Cancels Festival For Second Straight Year, Due To COVID-19 Concerns

Festivals in the United States have been making their comebacks after making various announcements on social media. This includes dates, lineups, and more. This also comes after the US is experiencing mass COVID-19 vaccinations nationwide. Unfortunately, for other countries, they are not ready to return to concerts the way the US is.

One of these is Denmark, who was expected to bring back their Roskilde Festival in 2021. It was canceled in 2020 and this year, this is sadly the case again. COVID-19 concerns were cited as the reason for this as they left a statement on their website.

“As expected, we can’t conduct a Roskilde Festival this summer. Let us meet again in 2022. We are devastated by the fact that we can’t get together at our festival and contribute to recreating the communities that the corona crisis has destroyed for so many. The cancellation is very serious for the festival, for the charity society behind it and for our community. And it is serious for the artistic environments and the growth segments of culture. But it will not be possible to gather 130,000 people at Roskilde Festival this summer. But we will meet again in 2022. And our community is strong! We can hardly even imagine how amazing it will be to reopen the festival at that time and meet again after such a long and sad absence.”

For the fans who had 2021 tickets, they can transfer theirs to be used in 2022. If this is not a choice for them, refunds are an option. It’s unclear if the 2020 lineups will appear in 2022 though as in 2020, superstars such as Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, and Tyler, The Creator, were among the names scheduled to headline the festival.

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