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Roscoe Dash talks new music, hoops past, and A.E.B.L. [VIDEO]

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Roscoe Dash talks new music, hoops past, and A.E.B.L. [VIDEO]

Roscoe Dash ABELBy DJ Charlie Hustle
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League is filled with all kinds of excitement and all the biggest names in the city are out there. No, it isn’t the NBA, but this league is very entertaining for the basketball lovers. With no basketball all summer, A.E.B.L. is a great way to be entertained.

Roscoe Dash has provided some hits over the past couple of years, but he is proving his worth on the court, too. Many who are following the league have taken notice of the skills Roscoe Dash boasts. It turns out, there is a reason Roscoe Dash has so many skills to show off on the court.

Mehka spoke to Roscoe Dash at A.E.B.L. and they discussed his past as a basketball player. While Roscoe Dash was there, he spoke on how he played basketball and how he is reliving that time with this league. Roscoe Dash also spoke on some new music he has in the works.

Watch the entire interview below:

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