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Rosco P to Release His New EP ‘D.R.U.G’s’

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Rosco P to Release His New EP ‘D.R.U.G’s’

Rosco P has announced the release of his new EP, ‘D.R.U.G’s,’ produced by PianogotKeys, featuring Lil Jairmy. He is an independent hip-hop artist from Lansing, Michigan. Born into a musician family, his childhood was filled with musical tidbits and stories about concerts from his uncle, a professional jazz musician. Later the artist started showing interest in hip-hop. Influenced by Travis Scott and The Weekend, he began cultivating his own sound, which he identifies as “an Alternative Trap meets Punk Rock.” 

Throughout his career, Rosco P released one album and one EP. The album ‘N.R.G‘ was released in 2019 and featured Kenny V, Henn Frank, Loso Loaded, Lotto Savage, and Ralphy Sway. His recent EP ‘Scola‘ was released in February 2021 and contained five songs, including $TFU featuring Molly Brazy. 

Later this year, the artist will release his second EP, ‘D.R.U.G’s,’ which is an acronym that stands for Dear Rager’s Ur Gods. “Five songs will cover five different vibes, all of which true ragers will instantly crave,” the artist said. He also added that he is showcasing his full vocal range on this project, which he can’t tell about his previous projects. In addition, the upcoming EP will feature Lil Jairmy, a rising star out of Houston.

Helping aspiring artists is substantial for Rosco P. In the future, he would like to start funneling the next wave of incoming artists of the world from his own label. “My drive to pursue creating music began with family, but the initial flame got its light from a band teacher who gave me a program to get started on my own,” he said. The artist wants to help everyone get that chance by creating a “roster of global talent” with people who deserve to be watched.  

In the meantime, the artist is actively engaged in charity. Recently, he contributed to a back-to-school backpack giveaway, where he served children and parents food and distributed school supplies. He also participated in an Anti-Bullying Rally with a speech in front of multiple school districts. “Giving back to the community is essential because reaching the ability is paramount – it’s where the initial flame gets its spark,” the artist said.

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