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Rick Ross being guarded round the clock in New York City

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Rick Ross being guarded round the clock in New York City

Rick Ross Visits Power 99FMBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In more ways than one, Rick Ross is the biggest rapper in the game. As once said by Nas “when you’re on top, there’s envy.” Like it or not, Rick Ross is the man on top and there are many who are not pleased. For well over six months, Rick Ross has faced threats from members of the Gangsters Disciples.

Threatened by gang members in Chicago and Charlotte, Rick Ross cancelled his tour and this led to more media scrutiny. Setting the record straight, Rick Ross said he has been in the Chicago streets and was unharmed with $40,000 worth of clothes on. Rick Ross said he cancelled the tour because the business was not right.

The threats began to look more serious when Rick Ross got shot at while driving in his native, Miami. Everyone from Maybach Music has spoken out, saying there are no problems. Meanwhile, Rick Ross has hired 24 hour security, which he has taken with him while he is in New York City taking care of some business.

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