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Recap: Week 4 and 5 of ABEL Basketball League [VIDEO]

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Recap: Week 4 and 5 of ABEL Basketball League [VIDEO]

ABELBy DJ Charlie Hustle
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Interesting enough, there is a lot to do in Atlanta during all different seasons. NBA fans usually have a hard time during the summer, because there isn’t much basketball after June, outside of international games. But, in recent years, there has been a lot of summer league action to check out.

The Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League (ABEL) keeps basketball action going on with stars during the summer. Week five recently rapped and some of the biggest names in basketball and hip hop were present. Scotty, Sy Ari Da Kid, Cap1, and Quez of Travis Porter represented hip hop.

Professional basketball, on the other hand, was represented by Jordan Hill the fourth week and Jarrett Jack the fifth week. Meanwhile, Young Dolph represented hip hop in the most-recent week. Below, there are recaps of the scores and footage of what took place.

Watch the Week 4 video recap below:

Watch the Week 5 video recap below:

Week 4 Scores:

Grind Hard – 60 Forbes ATL – 55
HandDownManDown – 67 Land of Fly – 50
CTC – 75 GoodLife – 77
Street Execs – 82 Court Cred – 69
TIG – 75 Uptown Sounds – 64

Week 5 Scores:

Court Cred – 77 Good Life – 64
Player of the Game
Ray Davis, #1, Court Cred. 17 points
Street Execs – 65 Uptown Sounds – 62
Player(s) of the Game
Spencer Dixon, #2, Street Execs, 13 points; hit game-winning 3-point shot
B Dot A Dot, #5, Street Execs, 19 points; 5 3-pointers
Lou Williams, #23, Uptown Sounds, 28 points; 23 points in the second half
TIG – 65 HDMD – 63
Player of the Game
Marcus McDaniel, #3, HDMD, 30 points, 6 3-pointers, AEBL’s first 30-point game performance

League Standings:
TIG: 4-0
Street Execs: 4-0
Good Life: 3-1
Uptown Sounds: 2-2
HDMD: 2-2
Court Cred 1-3
CTC 1-2
GrindHard 1-2
Land of Fly 0-3
Forbes 0-3

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