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Ray J gets destroyed on Twitter over fights with Morgan Hardman and Yesi Ortiz #LHHH

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Ray J gets destroyed on Twitter over fights with Morgan Hardman and Yesi Ortiz #LHHH

Ray J 4By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Although overlooked, Ray J is silently a reality show king. After the Flavor Flav era ended at VH1, Ray J picked up the slack with his love life. Ray J has gone on to be involved in several other reality shows and now he has returned to VH1, with “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” giving him a spotlight.

Ray J is often identified by people as Brandy’s little brother, but he does have some clout behind his name. When it comes to the music, Ray J does have a string of hits. He delivered the banger, “Wait A Minute,” in 2001, “One Wish” in 2005, and “Sexy Can I” in 2008, giving him the chance to work with both Pharrell and castmate, Yung Berg.

None of that mattered in the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” however, as Ray J went OFF. Morgan Hardman accepted Yesi Ortiz’s invite to do some interviews on behalf of Power 106 and Ray J (who was also doing media there) flipped. He screamed on Morgan, firing her, and the previews showed him starting with Yesi Ortiz and getting arrested, leading to the fans taking to Twitter to call Ray J both a “bitch” and “selfish.”

Read the tweets about Ray J below:

Rayjclown1Rayjclown2 Rayjclown3Rayjclown4 Rayjclown5 Rayjclown6Rayjclown7 Rayjclown8Rayjclown9Rayjclown10 Rayjclown11Rayjclown12 Rayjclown13Rayjclown14Rayjclown15Rayjclown16Rayjclown17Rayjclown18Rayjclown19Rayjclown20

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