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Rampage announces Comeback Attempt

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Rampage announces Comeback Attempt

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Most likely, Rampage is known by many for his association with Busta Rhymes. Rampage was one of the earliest members of Flipmode Squad. The past few years have been tough for the crew. With Busta Rhymes making more moves for his own career, the Flipmode Squad has all but disbanded.

Rampage has been out of the spotlight for quite some time now. Recently, the rapper sat down with and spoke about his new endeavors. Now living in Arizona, doing so for nearly three years, Rampage is recording a new album. The first single from his new album features T-Pain and is called “Motivated.”

Because the song leaked to the DJs, Rampage decided to push it as his first single. After a positive reception of the song, Rampage began leaking more tracks for the people to hear. Rampage has two more records out, “Pump up the Volume” and “Ambush.” Recording for the new album has taken place as Rampage goes back and forth from Brooklyn and Arizona. The Flipmode rapper said he decided to move to Arizona because he always enjoyed it out there and he also has family members there.

Aside from the music, Rampage also has a new cartoon and a clothing line in the works. As for his new album, it will be called The Ambush 2.0. When asked about Flipmode, Rampage said the group and label still exists and he is still a part of it. Regardless of how much time has passed, Rampage and Busta Rhymes still communicate and plan to work together again.

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