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Q the Question and DJ YRS Jerzy release “Talented Minds” mixtape cover

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Q the Question and DJ YRS Jerzy release “Talented Minds” mixtape cover

Talented MindsBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last summer, DJ YRS Jerzy revealed he changed his focus and planned to release more mixtapes. Good things come in time, so DJ YRS Jerzy waited before jumping into the mixtape releases. DJ YRS Jerzy thought outside of the box when it came to his mixtape series, which he titled Jerzy’s Evolution.

In promotion of this mixtape, DJ YRS Jerzy tapped Q the Question to host the project. The world knows Q the Question best for his history as a journalist in hip hop media. But, he has also made a name for himself with his label, SKE Records, with Trel Mack. Chemistry between both DJ YRS Jerzy and Q the Question was so strong they planned a mixtape series.

Talented Minds was revealed to be the title of the mixtape series. While the release date is being determined, Q the Question and DJ YRS Jerzy have leaked the official artwork for the mixtape. The internet will soon be flooded with this tape and more of SKE Records, as DJ YRS Jerzy is now a part of the label.

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