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#PrayForLumberton: City remains ravaged, without electricity, hours after #HurricaneMatthew has passed

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#PrayForLumberton: City remains ravaged, without electricity, hours after #HurricaneMatthew has passed


Photo Credit: Jedidiah Grant / Myriad Media


It is unfortunate that, with all of the technology, things like this still happen. Unfortunately, Hip Hop Vibe had to suspend coverage, late on Saturday night, as our own electricity went down. But, it is back up for us, however the same cannot be said for other areas.


Lumberton is one of the worst-hit areas by Hurricane Matthew in the state of North Carolina, outside of Fayetteville. Even worse, Lumberton is the center of one of the poorest counties in the state. A number of problems exist in the city.

Those in the city of Lumberton have already dealt with the dams failing, as the city has flooded. As of two hours ago, most of the city is still without electricity. Hurricane Matthew has left a continued negative impact on the city. Several residents have taken to Twitter to share their experiences, up-to-the-minute, about the city in the Matthew aftermath.

Read the tweets about Lumberton below:

lumbertonflood1 lumbertonflood2 lumbertonflood3Watch video footage from a person driving through Lumberton below:

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