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Pittsburgh declares ‘Wiz Khalifa day’ for December 12

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Pittsburgh declares ‘Wiz Khalifa day’ for December 12

Wiz Khalifa 4By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before Wiz Khalifa, the Pittsburgh hip hop scene was floundering. Asher Roth initially put the city on the map. But, after innocently calling President Obama out, Asher Roth saw a drastic decline in his popularity. As a result, much of the credit goes to the young duo, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, for Pittsburgh’s hip hop success.

Fresh off the release of his sophomore album, Wiz Khalifa has everything he could ever want in life. A model chick is not only by his side, she is also carrying his first child. With everything he wants right at home, Wiz Khalifa also has a loyal and dedicated fan base.

Now, Wiz Khalifa has officially gained the respect of his hometown. Typically, hip hop is looked down upon. Many politicians and leaders often blame hip hop music for the problems with the youth of America. However, this is not the case with Pittsburgh, as Wiz Khalifa was just honored by the city, which decided to make December 12 ‘Wiz Khalifa day.’

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