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OTF Nunu shot and killed in front of Chicago mall today

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OTF Nunu shot and killed in front of Chicago mall today

OTF NunuBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Chicago is full of diverse and talented artists and OTF Nunu is one of them. Those who have had the chance to deal with him know he is a hard-working and motivated young man. He only has one objective and that is to get his music out to the world for them to enjoy.

OTF Nunu recently released his “Feelin Good” track and just earlier this week, he put out the “OC” video with Lil Durk. Seeing how Lil Durk was a breakout artist from Chicago last year, OTF Nunu looked to be the successor. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for OTF Nunu today.

Those who follow OTF Nunu on social media see he was active online as recent as three hours ago. But, that was the end of the line for the twenty-one-year-old emcee, who was shot and killed outside of a mall in the Southside of Chicago. Several fans have taken to Twitter to remember the slain rising star.

Getting shot in the back at 4:19 pm, OTF Nunu is dead and Hip Hop Vibe sends our condolences.

Read the tweets regarding OTF Nunu’s death below:

OTF Nunu tweets

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