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Omarion hilariously addresses “Omarion variant” COVID-19 jokes, on TikTok [VIDEO]

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Omarion hilariously addresses “Omarion variant” COVID-19 jokes, on TikTok [VIDEO]

Over the past month, people around the world have started to become concerned about the “Omicron variant” of COVID-19. This strain of the virus is said to be less mild, but spread more quickly. People on social media have also since been joking about its name, by calling it the “Omarion Variant.”

Now, Omarion himself is addressing the Omarion Variant jokes. He put out a video on TikTok, on Sunday, jokingly emphasizing that he isn’t a variant, but a singer. He also took the time to wish everyone a happy new year.

“Hi everybody, this is Omarion. I am an artist, not a variant. So please be aware that if you just so happen to run into me on the street, you don’t have to isolate for five days, nor do you have to have a negative test result in order to dance to my music. So please, be safe, be healthy, happy new year.”

It’s great that Omarion has been cool about the Omarion variant jokes, and even took the time to speak on it. Hopefully, the actual Omicron variant spread actually slows down soon as well.


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