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Offset Makes Official Acting Debut in ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ as Undercover CIA Agent [VIDEO]

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Offset Makes Official Acting Debut in ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ as Undercover CIA Agent [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Offset continues to be one of the biggest rappers out as he released his first solo album, “Father of 4,” in 2019 and is still marriage to international superstar, Cardi B. The Migos rapper now wants to be involved in acting as he recently landed a role in ‘NCIS Los Angeles.’

Offset plays the role of a deep undercover agent named Kadri Kashan Khan for the CIA. In the show, he’s been stationed for three years. He also does everything to make sure that he doesn’t blow his cover. He didn’t even want other agents to know. While undercover, he is “working for years in the Sinai Peninsula to embed himself with the local tribes by smuggling contraband so that he can monitoring terrorist and weapons movements in that region.”

Offset wanted to show that he could play other roles instead of just the “bad guy” one, as LL Cool J referred to while speaking on Offset. Cool J and other cast members approved of his performance and discussed how great it was to work with him on set. Based on small pieces of clips of Offset in action, he looks solid. It’ll be interesting to see what other shows on television he becomes apart of in the near future.

Check out Offset discussing being in NCIS LA and a preview of him in action below. This season premieres on March 1 at 9pm ET on CBS.

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