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Nick Cannon sparks controversy when he paints his face white to promote his new album

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Nick Cannon sparks controversy when he paints his face white to promote his new album

Nick CannonBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Living proof of how far hip hop has come is Nick Cannon, who has done what some would have considered impossible. Getting his start with Nickelodeon, Nick Cannon has done some of everything for the company and he now works as an executive there. In fact, he is the head of the TEENick division.

Along the way, Nick Cannon has done a bit of acting and a bit of rapping. The bulk of his success came in 2003, when Nick Cannon collaborated with R. Kelly for his “Gigolo” single, which became a minor hit. At one point, some were beginning to compare the Nickelodeon star to a modern day Will Smith in the rap game.

Where Will Smith embraced acting, Nick Cannon embraced the media world, but they share rapping in common. Recently, behind the scenes, Nick Cannon has been working on new music. White People Party Music is the title of the album that dropped this morning and, on Instagram, Nick Cannon gave all the people who did black-face during Halloween a taste of their own medicine and, apparently, they can’t handle it.

See Nick Cannon’s Instagram photos below:

Nick Cannon whiteface 1Nick Cannon whiteface 2

Watch Nick Cannon’s Instagram videos below:

See the Instagram comments below:
Nick comments 1Nick comments 2Nick comments 3Nick comments 4Nick comments 5Nick comments 6Nick comments 7Nick comments 8Nick comments 9Nick comments 10Nick comments 11

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