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NG talks “Forever Young” mixtape and “One Thing” single

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NG talks “Forever Young” mixtape and “One Thing” single


By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Being independent is full of positives and negatives. In the rap game, many of the independent artists are hoping to join a major company, in one capacity or another. However, there are also those who take pride in being independent, or they simply do the best with what they are given to work with.

Evidenced by such names as Meek Mill, Tone Trump, and Trel Mack, there is quite a bit of independent talent in Philadelphia. Each of these rappers enjoyed mixtape success in Philadelphia before their career was advanced to the next level. NG is among these independent Philadelphia artists who have the streets on lock.

Hip Hop Vibe recently spoke to NG and he talked about his recently-released Forever Young mixtape, which is hosted by DJ Nophrillz. NG has experienced much success off this new project and the “One Thing” single is doing very well. Currently, “One Thing” is in rotation on DJ Symphony’s station, Radio Invasion.

Read the entire interview below:

As an independent artist, what challenges do you face in trying to get your music out there? Well, first of all, it’s so many people trying to do music now a days. That, in itself, makes it hard for you also, because the bigger artists get all the radio play. You really have to grind hard on the internet and in the streets. That’s why I appreciate Radio Invasion giving artists like me a way to get on the radio.

What term do you best use to describe your status in the game? To describe myself, I would say I’m an independent artist because I have a single out with worldwide distribution from Def Jam digital. I just don’t have the budget or the machine behind me that the signed artists have. I am dong everything from the muscle, it’s hard right now, but when I get to the top is going to feel so good.

Can you tell us more about your Forever Young mixtape? It took me like a year to complete this mixtape because I wanted it to be just right. I picked the title because it’s the way I feel. My life, my music, hip hop in general keeps people youthful. I feel the same way about the music I felt ten years ago, I still love it. I am in my bag on this mixtape like I’m spitting crazy, I’m going in. It has been a while since I dropped something, so I wanted to give my fans nothing but my best and I think this is a really good project. Look out for volume two coming soon.

Why did you choose DJ Nophrillz for your project? Man Phrillz is like one of the illest and well-respected DJs in Philly and I knew he would give my mixtape that extra fire I needed. He always play fair with the artists, either he bang with you, or he don’t if you hot he gone play your stuff period.

What type of energy did he bring to the tape? It was fun working with Phrillz, I gave him some music and he turned it into a project, he arranged it and everything. (Laughs) He actually got rid of one of my tracks that wasn’t hot enough to make it on the mixtape and that’s what I need, someone who is honest. He made it bang, if you know what I mean, like it was just songs and he gave it personality, he took my vision and made it visible.

Did you expect the “One Thing” single to do as well as it has? No, I knew it was a good song and when I first heard the beat from AO, I thought it was a banger, but I didn’t know. I knew it was a record when I would take it to a club gave it to the DJ and five minutes  later, the DJ was playing it that’s when knew. It’s music you never know what people are going to like, you just make what’s in your heart and you give it to the people let them decide.

How does this project stack up against your other bodies of work? This is one of my best projects, thus far, as I’ve grown a lot over the years and I’m making more universal music. I think my other projects were more raw, like made for the streets, more gritty. This projects is my most-mature so far and lyrically, I’m in a good space Forever Young is def a must have.

What comes next for you, as far as follow-up work is concerned? I’m working on volume two of Forever Young and after that if I’m not signed, I’m going to put out a full length album. I’m going to keep working and giving my fans that vintage NG music. I got a lot of shows lined up, I’m looking forward to some sort of tour. I got some videos coming out soon and I am looking forward to working with some great producers. What’s next for me, only God knows, but I’m working hard, so inking a deal is what I’m aspiring for.

Do you have any collaborations in the works? I have been busy perfecting my craft and working on my projects, so I haven’t been collaborating, but now I’m ready. I really look forward to working with artists from all over in my city faster. I will work with anyone, I love music. I want to work with some R&B singers, some rock bands, man I just love music. Look out for ya boy NG, I’m going to be on everything moving.

Can you leave us with your contact info so fans can follow you online? Hit me up on Twitter @yaboyng, Instagram @yaboyng, and Facebook ‘Ya Boy NG.’ I keep it simple, same tag for the most part. Check out my videos on YouTube nishagveer1, that’s a one. NG is short for Nish Gaveer, also anyone who want to collab or send me beats or just to get at me my email is [email protected]. I want to thank Hip Hop Vibe and for having me thanks for the love.

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