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NBA Youngboy Released From Jail After He and 15 Others Were Arrested on Drugs and Gun Charges During Video Shoot [VIDEO]

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NBA Youngboy Released From Jail After He and 15 Others Were Arrested on Drugs and Gun Charges During Video Shoot [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

NBA Youngboy and 15 others were arrested Monday night in Youngboy’s hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. The incident occurred Chippewa Street around 4:30 p.m. as arrests were made during filming for the “Choppa City” music video by Youngboy and guns were being shown off, per WBRZ. Police say that the gangs present were ‘Never Broke Again’ and ‘Bottom Boy Guerillas.’ Police were initially called after receiving a firearm tip.

BRPD searched three out of seven vehicles at the scene and there were in fact drugs and guns found. Three grams of marijuana, one dose of Hydrocodone in a clear bag, handguns and rifles, marijuana, digital scales, and Xanax were among the items taken by police. Seven more guns were eventually found in a patch of grass.Youngboy allegedly did not have any firearms, though.

Plenty of cash was found at this scene as well with $47,000 belonging to Youngboy. He did end up being freed from a local jail late Tuesday afternoon, though. It’s unclear if he was granted bond or how much it was. His attorney, Jimmy Manasseh, ended up releasing a statement denying that Youngboy had any firearms or controlled substances.

“It is important to remember that when someone is arrested for a crime it does not mean they are guilty of anything. Kentrell Gaulden is innocent of the crimes he was arrested for yesterday evening. He did not possess any firearms nor did he possess any controlled dangerous substances. Law enforcement arrived on scene without any evidence of a crime occurring and immediately detained 15-20 young black men solely based on an alleged tip that firearms were present on the scene. We still have the Second Amendment in the United States. The immediate detention of these black men was illegal in that it violated their Constitutional rights. The subsequent searches conducted by law enforcement were also illegal. Even with the illegal searches that were conducted, no firearms or controlled dangerous substances were found on Mr. Gaulden’s person or in his immediate control. Mr. Gaulden is innocent of the charges he was booked on last night and looks forward to defending himself as such”

This situation all comes after a great month for Youngboy musically where he released his sophomore album,”Top.” This debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and was led by the singles “All In,” “Kacey Talk,” and “Callin” featuring Snoop Dogg. Hopefully, he is finally able to put his legal woes behind him for good.

Check out footage of the initial arrests in Baton Rouge below as well as Youngboy leaving jail.

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