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Nas scraps “The Lost Tapes 2”

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Nas scraps “The Lost Tapes 2”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nas has been at odds at Def Jam ever since he tried to name his 2008 album Nigger. Three years have passed since he last released a solo album. For 2010, Nas wanted to give his fans some of his work. Nas decided to release a second installment of his The Lost Tapes.

Despite having an album due, Def Jam did little to promote Nas’ upcoming album. With the label against him, Nas decided to make his issues with Def Jam public. Lupe Fiasco used a similar tactic with Atlantic Records and they released his album. Nas did not have the same luck.

For nearly a year, Nas has been trying to release The Lost Tapes 2. With no release date in sight, Nas has moved on, without his album. Nas said there is a major difference between his previous label, Columbia Records, and Def Jam. Over there, he was used to getting his way when releasing albums, but it is a different story at Def Jam.

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