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Nas lets Fabolous know he wants to be on “Loso’s Way 2”

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Nas lets Fabolous know he wants to be on “Loso’s Way 2”

NasBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nearly everyone in hip hop has expressed their admiration of Nas. Representing Queens, the veteran rapper has been involved in many of the biggest situations in the history of hip hop. Throughout his career, Fabolous has been closely involved with Jay-Z, but he has crossed paths with Nas throughout his career.

As a member of DJ Clue’s Desert Storm, Fabolous did not have anything to do with Nas early in his career. But, as time moved forward, Nas and Jay-Z made peace with each other and doors opened. Fabolous has talked about working with Nas and he urged both he and Jay-Z to drop mixtapes, but no collaborations have come with Nas.

However, Nas does not want Fabolous to wrap up Loso’s Way 2 without correcting this seven year error. While Nas has not sent Fabolous music, as of yet, the two will indeed be working together soon. Recently, Fabolous told MTV that Nas told him to not finish his album without him and he is now waiting for his contribution.

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