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Montel Williams reaches out to Drake to acknowledge #DrakeSingForJasmine tweets as fans get upset

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Montel Williams reaches out to Drake to acknowledge #DrakeSingForJasmine tweets as fans get upset

Montel WilliamsBy Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This week got off to a horrible start for the communities in Pender County, an area by the coast here in North Carolina. The horrible start was due to the death of twenty-year-old college student, Jasmine Grady, who died in a car accident. A student of A&T, her untimely death has brought many strangers together.

Any time a person dies, it hurts and it’s hard to get over, but people uniting like this is a beautiful thing. Now, the world knows how big of a Drake fan Jasmine Grady was and they are doing something about it. Alongside Grady’s brother, her friends have started the #DrakeSingForJasmine movement in hopes of Drake singing at her funeral.

Montel Williams, the iconic talk show host, has caught wind of this movement and he reached out to Drake to at least acknowledge the tweets. The memorial for Jasmine Grady is coming up, taking place in Wilmington and Drake has announced his next album, but has not mentioned anything related to Jasmine Grady. Williams told Drake he owed it to the kids, who are growing angry.

Read the #DrakeSingForJasmine tweets below:

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