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Moe gets cruelly insulted on Twitter again during the #LHHReunion #LHHNYReunion #LHHNY

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Moe gets cruelly insulted on Twitter again during the #LHHReunion #LHHNYReunion #LHHNY

Moe 2By Jay Mack
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Some people have the title of the person the people love to hate. But, in the case of BBOD, particularly Moe, the people just seem to hate her. In the grand scheme of reality TV people, Moe seems to be no different than the many others in the past.


Unfortunately, Moe has been taunted all season long. The fans have continuously called her ugly. Some even went as far as to compare her to Arsenio Hall, when he dressed in drag on Coming To America, sharing several memes.

Tonight, Moe is on the “Love & Hip Hop” reunion show and, before she even had the chance to talk, fans were going in on her. During the opening scenes, the camera panned in on Moe. Immediately, the fans went in and began calling her ugly.

Read the tweets about Moe below:


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