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Mike Tyson Says He Felt Guilty When 2Pac Was Shot and Killed After His Fight in Las Vegas in 1996 [VIDEO]

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Mike Tyson Says He Felt Guilty When 2Pac Was Shot and Killed After His Fight in Las Vegas in 1996 [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers to ever do it. Fans were treated to some nostalgia a few weeks back as well when he stepped into the ring with Roy Jones Jr. Tyson is 54-years-old while Jones is 51. Both fought to a draw as many fans viewed it as an entertaining event.

Tyson was also very close with 2Pac back in the day. Pac showed up to support him for his fight vs Bruce Seldon in Las vegas. This was easy work for Tyson as he received the TKO victory in the first round. Following the fight though, Pac got into a fight with Orlando Anderson inside the MGM Grand as he punched Anderson as soon as he saw him. This was due to a Death Row Records affiliate being robbed of his Death Row chain at a mall in Los Angeles.

Pac would end up getting shot that night with Suge Knight in the car. Many believe the shooter was Anderson. Now, Tyson continues to express guilt over what happened that night. He believes if he hadn’t pressured Pac to come to the fight, then he would still be alive. He spoke on this while being interviewed by fellow boxing great, Zab Judah, on VladTV.

“I feel a little guilty about him coming to the fight and me pressuring him […] I was supposed to go out with him that night. I promised to go to the 662 with him that night but I just had a little baby and her mother was provoking me to stay home so I stayed home. I know who I am, I know what my element’s about. This is just what happens in my world. That was part of my world. Just because it was 2Pac and I was attached to it, it was different.”

There are always many “What if?” questions when it comes to many legendary rappers’ murders. Hip-Hop losing 2Pac that night in Vegas will forever be one of them. Check out Tyson speaking on Pac that night below.

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