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Meek Mill arrested before album release party

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Meek Mill arrested before album release party

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There is a reason Meek Mill named his album Dreams and Nightmares. Performing his music all over the world, gaining millions of fans was a dream. His prior arrest record and hassles from pastors and police officers is the nightmare. Making his dreams come true have also brought about his nightmares.

However, Meek Mill was not expecting nightmares when it came to the release party for his debut album. Instead, Meek Mill had plans of partying with his closest affiliates, while his music played in the background. While those were the plans Meek Mill had, the law enforcement had something else in store.

Meek Mill was in Atlanta and headed to New York City when he was stopped and harassed by law enforcement. Due to their intervention, Meek Mill found himself unable to attend his own release party. Via Twitter, Meek Mill informed fans that he lost a lot of money and was forced to stay in custody for hours. His friend, however, will be spending ten years behind bars.

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