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Man takes selfie right after getting shot in the head [PHOTO]

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Man takes selfie right after getting shot in the head [PHOTO]

SelfieBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two years ago, it was the duckface that took over social media and this year it is the selfie. The phenomenon has swept social media’s big three, which consists of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Selfies have given people a chance to further promote themselves online.

Many people have gone to great extremes for the sake of gaining likes, followers, and re-tweets over the past few years. But, as each year goes by, it looks more and more like it will end up getting worse. However, there is nothing that comes off as bad as this selfie has.

Recently a man got shot in the head and he immediately grabbed his phone. He did not grab his phone to call for help, however. Instead, he grabbed his phone in order to capture a selfie of himself to post on Instagram and then he must have gone for help, but this moment was indeed crazy.

See the photo of discussion below:


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