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Malice changes Rap Alias to No Malice, new Mixtape is Coming Soon

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Malice changes Rap Alias to No Malice, new Mixtape is Coming Soon

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In May 2011, Malice said he would change his name, with the change taking into effect in 2012. When asked what he would change his name to, Malice said it would take some time for him to decide. The reason he wanted to change his name was because of the negativity which surrounds it. Nearly one year after he made this announcement, Malice has changed his name to No Malice.

Currently, No Malice has several projects in the works. Among the top of his list is reuniting with his brother, Pusha T. Three years have passed since the two last released an album as The Clipse. While fans have enjoyed Pusha T’s solo material, they have missed The Clipse. Last year, No Malice, as Malice, revealed he told Pusha T to start his solo career.

Now, No Malice is taking his own advice. The Virginia rapper has an EP in the works, along with a solo mixtape. The mixtape will be released during the summer and will be called Hear Ye Him! Aside from the music, No Malice is co-writing a book called 32, with his former manager, who is currently serving a 32-year prison sentence.

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