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Mac Miller receives gold plaques for “Knock Knock” and “Donald Trump”

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Mac Miller receives gold plaques for “Knock Knock” and “Donald Trump”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Few artists are able to touch the game the way Mac Miller has. Everything down to his style to the way he does business is unmatched. Mac Miller got the monkey off his back and released his debut album. While Blue Slide Park set records, Mac Miller is best-known for his mixtapes.

The two biggest singles from Mac Miller were actually taken from mixtapes. Last year and earlier this year, Mac Miller was certified gold by the RIAA. “Knock Knock” and “Donald Trump” were both given gold certifications. As an independent artist, this was a major feat, but Mac Miller had yet to receive the plaques.

Early this morning, Mac Miller was given both of the plaques for his gold singles and now he is aiming for platinum. But, in the meantime, Mac Miller will enjoy the fruits of his labor. After releasing mixtapes in 2012, Mac Miller has plans of releasing an album in 2013, to follow his 2011 debut.

Watch “Knock Knock” by Mac Miller below:

Watch “Donald Trump” by Mac Milelr below:

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