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Lupe Fiasco talks Atlantic Records frustrations with Torae [VIDEO]

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Lupe Fiasco talks Atlantic Records frustrations with Torae [VIDEO]

Lupe Fiasco Hip Hop NationBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Out the gate, Atlantic Records always had an interesting relationship with hip hop music. After all, they were the first label to distribute Interscope Records and through this, Death Row Records. The controversy behind the latter of the two labels led to them selling Interscope Records off.

Recent years have seen Atlantic Records house such names as Plies and T.I., releasing frequent albums from both in their run. However, they have also sidelined such names as Maino and Lupe Fiasco, twice. When his third album was held by the label and his songs given to B.o.B., Lupe Fiasco contemplated suicide.

Lupe Fiasco blasted Atlantic Records for how they mishandled Lasers, but it became a big success for all. Later, Lupe Fiasco released Food & Liquor 2 and it also had positive results, but he was soon delayed again. But, Lupe Fiasco vented on his problems with Atlantic Records with Torae with Hip Hop Nation.

Watch the entire interview below:

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