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Lil Yachty Sued By Jeweler As He Still Owes $233,000; Tried to Pay $70,000 Of It With Bounced Check


Lil Yachty Sued By Jeweler As He Still Owes $233,000; Tried to Pay $70,000 Of It With Bounced Check

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

One problem that a lot of rappers face these days is borrowing jewelry from jewelers and not paying them back after flossing the pieces on social media.  This is the case for Lil Yachty as Gunven’s Fine Jewelry is suing him for $233,000, according to court documents obtained by BOSSIP.

The lawsuit listed is for breach of contract. Since 2017, Gunven’s has been sending the Quality Control Music rapper jewelry. The items included are a $175,000 white gold diamond ring, rose gold Patek Philippe watch listed at $195,000, white gold Rolex for $95,000, and a white gold diamond tennis bracelet that costs $200,000.

Court documents stated that Yachty paid for over half of the $600,000 owed for 20 pieces of jewelry but the $233,000 is the remaining balance. He tried to pay $70,000 of that off but it turned out to be a bounced check. The jeweler has also been asking for these pieces back but Yachty is refusing.

Gunven’s is also revealing text messages that Yachty sent to him with the claims that he would be paid back. He blames taxes, debt and paying for his teeth as excuses

“Bro if I had it I would give it to you. I’m not gone hold u (sic) out if I had it just to give. I have had many bills to pay. Taxes, debt, etc…All that money went instantly. The teeth I just got I traded jewelry for.”

What Gunven’s is looking for in the outcome in court are money and for Yachty to pay for punitive damages and their lawyer fees. As of now, Yachty hasn’t responded to the lawsuit. This is a prime example of rappers needing to invest in smarter things such as real estate and not getting caught up in jewelry scandals.

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