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Lil Wayne pays $7.7 million tax debt

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Lil Wayne pays $7.7 million tax debt

Lil Wayne 10By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It is official, Lil Wayne and Ja Rule will not completely suffer the same fate. The two hung out one summer 2007 night and both served prison time for it. Guns and drugs were involved, being found on both rappers’ tour bus. In addition to the drug charges, the IRS also got Ja Rule for tax evasion.

Several of the biggest names in urban entertainment have been caught in this trap over the past few years. Those questioning what happened to some of these iconic legends, they now reside in federal prisons. Lil Wayne is one of the biggest urban stars out and he was close to being brought up on charges.

Instead, Lil Wayne paid off his $7.7 million tax debts to the state of Florida, after purchasing a mansion worth $11 million. Over the past few years, Lil Wayne watched his net worth rise, as his stock increased through his music. In addition to his own music, Lil Wayne has Young Money and his Trukfit clothing line.

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